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On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Being and Nothingness wrote:

>> In my utopian dream roughly the same portion of society that watches TV
>> (say 83%) makes art, and all sells it to each other, for roughly the
>> same percentage of income as a hot-dog from a street vendor.
> Yes, it takes some time to create a work of art, hence the
>importance of public funding just to keep the work of art alive in
>society. I know I have seen many many intruiging,beautiful, inspiring
>works of art that I would like to own but were unaffordable. The cost of

Something bothers me. This has come up on the snuggles list too. what i'm
talking about is the urge to want to "own" a work of art. I remember someone on snuggles mentioning some really cool artwork, i can't remember
exactly what it was, but the first reply was basically "I'd buy that." Now we have this thread about how everyone should be able to buy & sell art cheaply. What's up with this?

Perhaps its just an effect of being part of this consumer society. The
first relationship we can think of to have with an object is one of
purchase and ownership. I think that's a shame. And I think that's one
reason why intellectual property is such a controversy. There's all these
people assuming that they have a RIGHT to OWN ANYTHING. That's what it's
all about, I think. My answer is no, you don't have that right.. Ideas
don't belong to you, just as the land doesn't belong to you. And works of
art don't neccesarily have to be owned to be enjoyed.

I think John Cage said something about "owning music", how it was funny that people always talk about how they "have that piece", when what they're really talking about is that they own one copy of one recording of
a piece. But owning a slab of vinyl or plastic isnt what it's about.
(there's Cage again. he's everywhere....)



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