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Being and Nothingness [rumori] ideas of ownership
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Exchanging money for goods and services is what we do.

it is possible to "own" a unique work of art and it is possible to "own" a reproduction of a work of art.

I like owning art if it is something that I never tire of looking at. but
then again, the only "art" I own is some stuff I bought at a garage sale for 20 bucks. The woman who sold them to me was given the paintings by a
friend. However, I have seen some paintings and sculptures that I would
like to have in my possession.

but you are right (or jcage is right) that it is silly to think you "own" something that everyone else has access to.

I wouldn't say my first impulse when I see something I like is to own it.

that is probably why I don't have a lot of posessions. I think lots of
things are meant to just be experienced and that experience just settles
into the whole of whoever you are. But I would certainly buy some things
I have seen if I could have afforded it. I'm thinking specifically of
these little sculptures I saw an art fair. A human figure, and the face
opens up and insde the head were spiders and flies and stuff. accurate
detailing. there was a whole collection of similar things. Two men facing
each other with a mirror like fram in between them. etc. But I sat and
looked at them for as long as I could when they were in front of me and
memory of them is enough to recall the effect they had on me. If they
existed in a museum near to me then I could see them whenever
I wanted. Now if I could have the Thom Fowler Museum that was infinitely
extensible and was organized according to my aesthetic principles, that
be great!

the only thing I know about john cage is something he said about he thinks
all real learning takes place in the context of a conversation. that
school should just be a lot talking about things. I forget what book it
was in, the husband of one of my professor's showed it to me. He's an
arty type, independant film type, anti-consumer culture post-modernist
type. now. he does internet related stuff. must be that "democritizing media" thing.
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