[rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal

Steev [rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:41:03 -0700 (PDT) (00904189263, Pine.LNX.4.02.9808261156420.23062-100000ATflotsam.detritus.net)

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Nicola Battista wrote:

>At 11.08 26/08/98 -0700, Steev wrote:
>>i'm sorry but i just think this is ridiculous. you'renever going to
>>get every single creator of every recorded sound in the universe to
>>sign up with this Fund! And it won't work unless everyone is a part of
>>it. or am i missing something?
>hehe nope. If you go checking the original mail you'll see that obviously I
>had considered this. Well, the Fund could work also with a limited number
>of tracks, even that would be artistically limited (you're only entitled to
>freely sample those tracks administered by the Fund).

but for me that's not enough. (isn't this what MACOS is already, only
without the money?) I don't want a limited little playpen to
play in, I want the whole world. Besides, the people that are the most
interesting to sample are never going to join some limited Fund. Sure,
Meat Beat and Negativland and ColdCut might join, but why would i want to
sample them? They're cool. I want to sample the assholes that would never
ever want to be sampled.

>>no. that's not what musically dependant means. Just recognizability is
>>not the criterion.
>well, it might be for me... or it sample length a more valid criterion?
>Length would be a good criterion for literature (for example you can quote
>a phrase from a book and be in the "fair use"... but you won't copy 20
>pages from another book and include them in your book). Is this appliable
>to music?

no, length is not a good criterion, either, except that if you resuse an
entire work, unaltered, you're out, because that's bootlegging.

But there are fine lines even there, which is why I brought up the
Evolution Control Committee track. In this track, we have the entirety of
a Herb Alpert song, superimposed on the entirety of a Public Enemy song,
beat-matched, but basically just slapped together side by side. It works
perfectly and it's beautiful and I wouldnt dream of prohibiting it in any
way, because chances are if Mark Gunderson had been required to pay for
the use of those "samples" he wouldnt have been able to afford it and he would have never released the record, and people would have never heard
it. He has broken the law as the law now stands but he has enriched my
life and I would suspect hundreds of others (sorry mark, maybe thousands,
how many of those got pressed? ), and to me that's well worth the fact
that Chuck D and Alpert didnt get their payoff. If the law is prohibiting
the enrichment of people's lives, then it's a bad law.

>>exactly. originality, not uniqueness. a distinction made in Retrofuturism
>>magazine years ago, I believe.
>hehe kewl. I never mentioned "uniqueness", though. :)

you implied it. see my last email.

>>YOU go see those urls, ASAP!! There's no point talking about this stuff
>>if we don't have a common point of reference. You could be talking about
>>C&C Music Factory and I could be talking about Christian Marclay and we
>>could never ever agree, if we havent each heard the examples we're talking
>hehe right. I tried mentioning several examples in my messages mostly for
>this reason. Not to show that I was some crappy kind of expert archivist in
>sampledelica ;)

Hmm. Am I being dissed? Sorry, but to talk about a subject you should have
your background knowledge. You can talk about Bomb Da Bass and Black Box
all you want but there's a lot more out there than dance music, usually
it's not the dance music that's really pushing the boundaries, or
threatening anyone, it's people in the more experimental and even more
underground genres. So you have to pay attention to that stuff too if you
really want to be up on this field...

And besides, that's exactly one of the things Detritus.net is all about-
it's a crappy expert archive of sampledelica! Maybe i'll change the
caption on the front page to that... haha...



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