[rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal

Nicola Battista [rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 05:24:12 +0200 (00904130652,

At 12.22 26/08/98 -0700, Steev wrote:

>Bob! please come back and tell us what YOU really meant!

yep! only you can explain us on this point... hehe...

>they were sued by Roy Orbison's publisher but the court found 2LC not
>liable because they were using the song "Pretty Woman" inthe context of
>parody. The song is in very poor taste (imho) and blatantly sexist (like
>most of 2LC's work) but the court ruled basically that it was fair use.

ah ok. Many thanks for this :)

>Neither do I. I'm not trying to sound elitist. I was just trying to posit
>a possible future that we might not be happy with, in fact might be even
>less happy with than the present state of affairs.
>Part of the appeal of sampling for many is that it's a bit taboo, right?

yup, "hey, I've STOLEN a Michael Jackson bassline" :P and things like that... ;)))
anyway people has been sampling for almost 2 decades now. Maybe it's time
for another change... the first wave of mass samplers was about 10 yrs ago
with house music djs... now maybe there will a be a further generation of
more creative people... because the more sampling become affordable, and
the more you'll have to search for "originality"... :)

>Also, for me, the appeal is that I can comment on, criticise, engage with,
>the original material. However, if EVERYONE is using appropriation simply
>as another pop music technique I fear that it will dilute the power of the
>"sample critique", so to speak.

well... if you'd do an intelligent track using the same Police samples used
by Mr.Combs, maybe some people would appreciate it much more than "I'll be missing you". As we said appropriation is already being used by pop. If you can do a
BETTER kind of appropriation, just do it!

>->well if you have an answer, please illuminate us ;)
>I'm going to hold out a little longer....

uhhm, why do ya have to torture us like this? ;))
Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista