[rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal

Nicola Battista [rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 05:24:40 +0200 (00904130680,

At 12.41 26/08/98 -0700, Steev wrote:

>but for me that's not enough. (isn't this what MACOS is already, only
>without the money?) I don't want a limited little playpen to
>play in, I want the whole world.

I too want the whole world ;)

> Besides, the people that are the most
>interesting to sample are never going to join some limited Fund.

well it might growe up and not be so limited. In this way, even Macos is

>Meat Beat and Negativland and ColdCut might join, but why would i want to
>sample them? They're cool. I want to sample the assholes that would never
>ever want to be sampled.

maybe the assholes would be attracted by the possibility of money from
their samples? ;) ok, I know I sound utopistic, but still... :)

>no, length is not a good criterion, either, except that if you resuse an
>entire work, unaltered, you're out, because that's bootlegging.

If I dont photocopy a whole book but still steal 20 page of it and put it
into my book, what do you call it? Quotation? Fair Use? Bootlegging? Or what?

>But there are fine lines even there, which is why I brought up the
>Evolution Control Committee track. In this track, we have the entirety of
>a Herb Alpert song, superimposed on the entirety of a Public Enemy song,
>beat-matched, but basically just slapped together side by side.

well I tried to download it but my pc connection seemd very crappy earlier.
I will retry soon. Thanks for explaining about this track. I too have made
tracks with a simialr technique... Hey, this is Kurtzweil's Theory of Total
Superimposition! ;)))))) Haha... i.e. an old theory of mine (Heriberto
Kurtzweil is a nickname I use when I steal classical music) :)
He (I) ;) did stuff like a SL2 instrumental (uk dance act) completely
superimposed to Mozart's Lachrymosa (from the Requiem) :) and so on...

>If the law is prohibiting
>the enrichment of people's lives, then it's a bad law.

I agree. But we're still talking about avantgarde and experimentation. I
want to touch the commercial side (that's why I often mentioned dance music
tracks): if the guy had made one million dollars with that track, would you
define it fair NOT paying royalties to the original authors???

>->hehe kewl. I never mentioned "uniqueness", though. :)
>you implied it. see my last email.

really? ;)

>->hehe right. I tried mentioning several examples in my messages mostly for
>->this reason. Not to show that I was some crappy kind of expert archivist in
>->sampledelica ;)
>Hmm. Am I being dissed? Sorry, but to talk about a subject you should have
>your background knowledge. You can talk about Bomb Da Bass and Black Box
>all you want but there's a lot more out there than dance music, usually
>it's not the dance music that's really pushing the boundaries, or
>threatening anyone, it's people in the more experimental and even more
>underground genres. So you have to pay attention to that stuff too if you
>really want to be up on this field...

I try to pay attention to anything connected to this field, and of course I
still have a lot to learn. No "offence" intended... I just meant if I was exaggerating quoting titles and stuff for dance tracks with samples, was
just to research an example we both could use.

>And besides, that's exactly one of the things Detritus.net is all about-
>it's a crappy expert archive of sampledelica!

oh ok! then maybe I'll start defining myself like that too? ;)

>Maybe i'll change the
>caption on the front page to that... haha...

hey! I have the trademark for that!!!!! ;)))))))

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista