[rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal

Boster, Bob [rumori] The Sample Clearance Fund: A proposal
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>Bob! please come back and tell us what YOU really meant!
>sorry had some work to do....
>Steve, I'm getting tired of waiting for your solution, but I owe everyone an
>Much speculation about what I mean by connotation (recognizability or not). I
>guess what I mean is totally about structural context, but it includes
>recognizability as a factor. I realize this is completely MY STANDARD, I
>don't mean to push it on anyone, but offer it to advance conversation. Some
>examples (OK = don't need to "pay" for samples):
>if you take a recognizable beat fragment and then use it in your piece as
>beat material that depends on the fact that you recognize it's source, that's
>not OK (by this standard "Hippychick" is not acceptable because it uses a
>"How Soon is Now" sample for the same kind of musical material as it's
>original usage - chordal theme material - and get's it's creative "juice"
>from the fact that you recognize the sample, virtually untransformed).
>if you take an entire piece unchanged and add bits of something else that
>turns it from a piece of dance music into a piece of dense mush (like taking
>a bit of Wagner and overlaying it with the Hitler Nurenburg speech, 4 layers
>of bees buzzing, 2700 thunder claps, and the Muppets album played backwards
>through a stomp box), that's OK.
>if you put a slice of something musical into a new piece where you are just
>"touching" it's reference briefly in the piece, that's OK (in other words, I
>would say "Bomb the Bass" or "Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel" is
>fine). repetitive references to the same reference starts to become a theme,
>and then it's not OK.
>taking 20 pages of someone's book on The Wells of Ireland, and sticking it
>unattributed into your book on features of Irish architecture is not OK.
>Putting those same 20 pages unattributed into the middle of your book on the
>social patterns of the Yanomani indians of Brazil is OK. Doesn't make any
>sense, and therefor it becomes art.
>Wondering if this is of any use. You guys are up late in Italy...