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>From: Polenberg, Todd[SMTP:Todd.PolenbergATpfizer.com]

>but none of which will allow us to legally
>make our art without fear of corporate retribution?

I don't know, I just plan to continue operating in the same manner as I
always have: making short runs of releases of the chaos I make and
occasionally try to get a larger release together which might have a
better sorted set of sources that might keep me from getting sued into
the Dark Ages. Keep playing out, keep showing people what you can do
with a shitty little mixer, a couple CD players, and a few guitar
pedals. Who cares what Puff Daddy does? I don't care what Clinton does,
I don't care what McDonalds does, why should I care what the flavor of
the month in pop music does?

I mean, I guess I think it's reasonable to take some kind of care about
crass violations which might piss someone off, but the other side is
only going to nail you if you wave it in their face, and the only thing
they care about is money, so if you don't "sell out" enough to make enough money to catch their attention, no one cares... UNLESS you make
the stolenness the whole point (see Plunderphonics disc cover), which
can do you in as well. The only real constraint I see is for people who
want to make something POP enough to garner that attention...anyone else
can either hide behind obscurity or behind "artfulness/social commentary".
I guess I feel for those of you who are in some constraint based on the
state of the law and your interest in making a pop form, but I don't
feel particularly limited. of course, who knows what'll happen with my
forthcoming CD. Could be sued by Bainbridge Sound Effects....


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