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Nicola Battista [rumori] The Sample
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 06:19:24 +0200 (00904306764,

At 16.51 27/08/98 -0700, Todd Polenberg wrote:

>I don't know, I just plan to continue operating in the same manner as I
>always have: making short runs of releases of the chaos I make and
>occasionally try to get a larger release together which might have a
>better sorted set of sources that might keep me from getting sued into
>the Dark Ages.

still this doesnt mean u r 100% safe...

>Who cares what Puff Daddy does? I don't care what Clinton does,
>I don't care what McDonalds does, why should I care what the flavor of
>the month in pop music does?

I dont care about the "flavor of the month"...

>I mean, I guess I think it's reasonable to take some kind of care about
>crass violations which might piss someone off, but the other side is
>only going to nail you if you wave it in their face, and the only thing
>they care about is money, so if you don't "sell out" enough to make
>enough money to catch their attention, no one cares...

I dont agree. I could sell 10 copies only and one of them ends up on the
desk of some Sony or BMG guy that sues me. It might still happen... :(

>the stolenness the whole point (see Plunderphonics disc cover), which
>can do you in as well. The only real constraint I see is for people who
>want to make something POP enough to garner that attention...

I dont want to stick Michael Jackson on my cover. Yet someone could catch
me with tons of uncleared stuff...

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista