[rumori] I need your help

The Sleepwalker (mikeATfree-music.com)
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 10:41:30 -0400

Ok, I finally gave in and I am doing something I have wanted to do for a
long time. I am creating a web site full of incorrect information about
anything and everything...

I need you all to help by writing articles. Anything from historical
timelines to celebrity profiles to an encyclopedia style article on turtles.

People are far too dependent on the resources of the web and most don't
even realize that the potential of misinformation exists. We live in this
mighty information age...but no one has any means of verifying that any of
the information is accurate.

So, tell me what you think and feel free to submit realistic articles with
incorrect facts, statistics, quotes, etc.

Now, with that all said and done, Try to do things that are not potentially
dangerous. I don't want to have an article saying that scientists found
eating arsenic is not harmful if you drink orange juice with it! I just
want the kind of misinformation that kids doing reports for school will
come across...that corporate researchers will use in their
presentations...that well...will fool people and prove a point.


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