Re: [rumori] Mixing/recording equipment for beginner

Mr.Fodder (
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 23:53:59 PDT

>i'm new to this list. i'm a long-time collage artist and writer, and am now
>interested in sound collage work with remixes of music, spoken fragments,
>found sound, radio/TV/film clips, etc.
>what kind of basic, affordable equipment would you recommend to get
>started? would something like cakewalk meet my needs? i really don't want
>to have to invest in/build a complete recording studio. i have no idea
>where to get started...


since you mentioned Cakewalk, I'll assume for a moment that you own a
computer. let the list know if it is PC or MAC, for there are many software
apps out there for both platforms that would work for you. I know, for I
have a very small studio (and i'm usually one broke mofo), and i do
everything 90% of the time on my old PC... but it works.

Cakewalk is an excellent program if you want to work with midi. Or Cubase
for that matter. But do you want to do it all on the computer or utilize a
keyboard, drum machine, phrase sampler, etc....

let me know. I run and test PC programs all the time, so if you are on a PC
platform i can probably help. if you don't want to clutter the list too you
can email me at

--- otis
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