Re: [rumori] Mixing/recording equipment for beginner

kevin leeeeee (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 16:19:20 -0700 (PDT)

i might add, too, that using regular old tape decks can get you started
fast and easy and CHEEP.

note that a lot (i believe) of evolution control committee's gunderphonic
album was done on tape-tape.

just to show you the anti-digital "you don't need a computer and ram and
storage and audio card etc..." side of things. here's an idea: get a
couple tape decks or a dubbing deck to do basic editing with the old pause
button. then, when you want to layer more than one track, get a cheap
radio shack 4 input mixer to do that.

or an easier thing to do would be to just pick up one of those cheap
cassette type 4 track recorders. try getting a mail order catalog from
musician's friend ( ???) or just goto any music store.


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