[rumori] Re: Mixing/recording equipment - & Gunderphonics

Mr.Fodder (thebranflakesAThotmail.com)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 18:06:44 PDT

mark from ECC wrote:

>in preference to digital editing. My PC
>preference is Cool Edit Pro... capable, effect-laiden, and multitrackable.
>But like Otis suggests, using a variety of programs is probably the best

I have to agree... I use Cool Edit Pro for all my main recording. The only
other program I use now is Steinburg Wavelab for it handles directX effects
faster than Cool Edit, Sound Forge and others. Plus with Wavelab you can do
EASY batch processing and CD ripping.

>Sez Kevin Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
> >note that a lot (i believe) of evolution control committee's gunderphonic
> >album was done on tape-tape.

Sez ECC:
> Quite correct; about 96%.

Sez me:

Just a personal note. I think the Herb Albert and Chuck D. Combo was
brillant. The first time I heard it I said to myself, "WOW!". It's such a
simple idea, but the two together form a new medium that is wonderful. I
still play the two for all my friends and have played Gunderphonics in it's
entirety while doing a pirate show on radio here earlier this year. I
alreay have Gunderphonics added to my playlist when i start at
www.antennaradio.com in the next month with the found-sound/kookie (weekly
real audio) show, "Friendly Persuasion".



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