Re: [rumori] dupont goes after plagiarist part 2

Andrew Lander (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 06:53:52 PDT

This is getting ridiculous.

I went back to and checked out a couple of their links. Sure
enough, on Rebeca Delgado-Martinez Valette's "What Is Copyright" - - she claims that direct linking to her page
is a copyright infringement. That is, linking without using one of her
buttons or banners. Interestingly, links her page in precisely
that way. Perhaps they got her permission.

However, Brad Templeton's "10 Myths of Copyright" has a page devoted to
exactly this subject - - and
he says the question is not decided. I find it a tad troubling that the
question has been even left (or pried) open this long.

Now I can understand why graphics artists wouldn't want people linking
directly to their graphics. Mary Broussard makes a good case on her "Web
Prestige" - - about how doing so
can overload their servers. That's a real world problem. But to say you
can't even link to someone else's page? That's like saying someone can't
mention the name of their book and the word "library" in the same breath.

Come to think of it, I heard that some publishers have started going after
libraries and trying to limit them through legislation. Are they going to
try to make it illegal to browse in bookstores next? Or perhaps books will
have to be kept behind counters until bought. (Yikes! I shouldn't give
them ideas!)

Y'know, by mentioning the URL of Rebeca Delgado-Martinez Valette's site as I
did above, I may be, I believe, infringing on her definition of her
copyright. Certainly when this message goes up in the next rumori archive
it will be an "infringement".

Andrew Lander

My uncle used to work for DuPont. He doesn't anymore.

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