[rumori] Censored by mp3.com

Nicola Battista (djbatmanATtin.it)
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 15:02:58 +0200

I'd like to tell you what I'm experiencing with mp3.com.
I run the Kutmusic label, a small label with most products on cd-r and
digital format... I am building mp3.com pages for my artist to put their
free music online and also sell their tracks as DAM CD (audio+mp3 mixed
Until now I have various pages like

...the trouble began when I put online the Alessandro Alessandroni
tracks... I have a license for digital distribution for these (sountracks
from old italian movies... some of them Morricone tracks).
Now the mp3.com policy says: "no covers". I put these online as I LEGALLY
HAVE THE RIGHT to use those tracks... they asked me for a copy of the
license (I'm scanning it right now and sending it as a jpg attached file...
I'd like to look at their faces when they say that license -incidentally,
written in Italian-).

Now a couple of days ago I built a page for my own tracks as Dj Batman. I
uploaded a sample pastiche called "Dan Purrone burns in Hell" (a joke
against a friend of mine who's a Deep Purple fan) containing several
samples from Deep Purple, Prodigy, James Brown and Club House featuring Carl.
If you look under http://www.mp3.com/alessandroni or
http://www.mp3.com/djbatman you will be redirected to the main page... all
the suspect stuff I've uploaded has been put on hold for copyright problems.
I haven't heard from them yet about the Dan Purrone track... by the way I
made a screen capture (check
http://www.olografix.org/djbatman/mp3comcensored.jpg ) and you can see what
I see when I log in my artist directory on mp3.com... (oh, don't mind about
the password in the url, I changed it ;)))

By the way, I don't think I have infringed mp3.com's policy... as I haven't
done a Deep Purple cover, but a new track that is also a sort of *parody*...
Also, how can they identify a cover or a sampled/plagiarised track?
Do they have a super-expert listening to every track and does this guy have
the capacity to store all the copyrighted material in his brain? ;)

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista

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