[rumori] Re: credit where credit is (un)due?

Mr.Fodder (thebranflakesAThotmail.com)
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 22:41:48 PDT

>anyone have any thots? credit to samples used, or not?

hmmmmm. i like it sometimes. but from a production standpoint, we (the
bran flakes) do not list who we use on our releases because:

1. when composing the material it would (in our opinion) take out of the
process by writing each individual sound down and logging them. I
personally like to grab and re-arrange and mold pieces and not think about
copyrights, for it seems to take away from the creative process and i don't
want to think about what i can and cannot use when making pieces. If i did
that i might get too concerned on what i could and could not use. fragments
are taken!

2. some of the material was from tapes and reels with no mention of the
original artist.

I do however like the fact that some cd's mention the artists and works they
used. but, it's just not for us.

-- mr. fodder

the bran flakes / mofo / mom

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