Re: [rumori] Yahoo copyright grab

plagiarist (
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 17:03:29 -0700

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Steev wrote:

> they don't OWN the stuff, but they can:
> "..reproduce, modify, adapt, publish,
> and create derivative works..."
>interestingly, this new wording reads a bit like the kind of agreement
>one of us culture recyclers might write, in a different context...

>From Yahoo's explanation letter at

"There are many times when we use other companies to help us serve web"
 pages on our global network. Sometimes information
 is changed as it is served to the world. For example, if your page
 contains images in JPEG format and the other company's
 service uses GIF format, your images may need to be adapted to fit in."

yikes - this is supposed to calm people down? They'll be arbitrarily
converting 24-bit images from people's pages to 8-bit? If someone chooses
to save an image as jpeg, it's probably because it has quite a bit of
color info, and will likely look terrible as a gif. They can really mess
up people's content this way. Taken a step further, it could really screw
up people's reputations and/or businesses, since people looking at the
pages wouldn't realize that the bad-looking images were the result of
Yahoo and not the "owner" of the page.

(BTW, where are these services that still don't support JPEG's?)

This might sound like tangential ramblings, but I think it goes to show
exactly why this type of contract really is dangerous....

Now, if as Steev suggests, Yahoo would make a giant piece called,
"Everyone on Geocities' Recycled Webpages, Featuring Resampled 8-bit
Versions of Their Images"
*that* could be kinda cool... :-)


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