Re: [rumori] outlaw

Wed, 7 Jul 1999 21:55:11 +0200

>->As a 'theory' outlaw, i hold no fears about being sued in practice. i
>->believe i'm using other people's property when i sample, if they ask for
>->back, they have every right to do so.
>what a spineless and confused creature. You evidently don't care much for
>your own art.

Yeah, because i don't fucking care if i break the law or not, then i'm
obviously spineless, and because i have the temerity to come on to yr cosy
list where everyone agrees with each other and state a slightly different
opinion, then i'm obviously very confused. And i'm undoubtedly a creature,
so well done, steev

>Steev Hise, Syssy Admin

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