Re: [rumori] Cheetos???

Andrew Lander (
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 08:47:01 PDT

>From: "suzi " <>
> > It's like the first time one learns what goes on in
> >the underground bunkers of McDonalds - you hate to think what you've been
> >eating all these years.
>In the case of their shakes that would be milk product, chocolate powder
>(or brown powder with that same hallucinogenic drug) and seaweed.

You forgot to mention the semen that the male employees contribute by
masturbating into the cups.

I'm not kidding about that part, by the way. A friend of mine worked at a
McDonald's for a short while and according to her it's a widespread problem.
  The employees like to go into the underground food storage area and do all
sorts of drugs. Probably it's the only way they can stand working at
McDonald's. And it was never clear where the drugs came from, almost as if
the company provided them. Perhaps they realize what sort of "benefits" are
necessary to keep employees. Then they do all sorts of things to the food,
like make "protein shakes". She says the only thing that's safe to eat
there are the ice cream sundays becuase they're frozen in packaging in the

Now I guess we know why sometimes their shakes are harder to suck through
the straws than at other times.

Andrew Lander

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