[rumori] Gray Day: a strange problem

Andrew Lander (andrewlanderAThotmail.com)
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 07:44:51 PDT

I remember there being, in relation to what the grayday.org site should look
like, a discussion of gray vs. colors. So, I tried to make a small gif for
a background image that would be gray but flash through the colors of the
spectrum momentarily every minute or two. It was 20 by 20 pixels and was
supposed to consist of 7 panels, grey, red, orange, yellow, etc. However,
after saving it and testing it out it blacked out momentarily. Turns out
the sixth panel, which was supposed to be blue, was black. I tried this a
few more times, even at different sizes, and each time I saved the file the
blue panel turned black. If that isn't stange enough, I either tried
changing the third panel blue and the sixth panel stayed blue, or I tried
changing the sixth panel orange and it stayed orange, or both. (I can't
remember exactly. It's a bizzare problem.)

So anyway, I have several questions: is this idea good enough to keep
trying, what the heck is going on, and if it's a good enough idea, how do I
fix it? Perhaps I've discovered an obscure bug in Paint Shop Pro 5.01?

Andrew Lander

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