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Vicki Bennett (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 18:15:42 +0100

>I don't particularly think of myself as an artist. i make sound because i
>enjoy listening to it, and it gives me pleasure -- reason enough? i don't
>feel any particular need to philosophise about what i do. As far as the law
>is concerned, my position is basically "disregard it".

Sorry, can't do that. You either explain yourself or get off our college
course, you hippy.

>This does bring up one point worth considering. I don't believe the
>copyright law is any threat to me, but maybe that's because of the country i
>live in (scotland, for those who weren't paying attention). Who are "they"
>going to sue? The pressing plant, the artists and the label are all in
>different countries, and no bunch of lawyers could ever find any of them.
>In the U.S. it may be different.. But i'm not sure if any of the horror
>stories you hear (pressing plants being sued etc) have ever come to pass.
>And the two most celebrated "victims", negativland and john oswald, seem to
>be doing ok as far as i can see.

I think that most Europeans just think "if it's dodgy I'll do it in the
Czech Republic". Most people are below the radar, and many are blatantly
sampling ie V/VM. Not that I'm making any point, except to say that no one
I know in Europe really takes into consideration the law when releasing

>Points 3, 4 and 5 agreed; however, as i have said I do not consider the law
>a threat and so do not advocate changing it. In the case of the law
>threatening others (e.g. U.S. residents), i am yet to be convinced that the
>law will restrict their works being made public in one form or another.
>(waiting for someone to convince me..)

I do see the law as a threat, because if you are on the wrong side they
have the right to interfere with your freedom, should they choose. But
like I've said before, I think the law will relax, but not at this stage
and therefore it is very important that we are having these discussions and
make considered decisions, in preparation for what may or may not happen.

Often I've thought about how I'd feel if I got caught, and have based my
philosophy UPON that worst case scenario, I don't want to be a hypocrite.
Also I KNOW I don't sample to draw attention to the copyright problem,
because I don't want to get sued! I want to make my music and be popular
for that, not because of a court case. Respect to Negativland though!



>Mmm, tasty -- double chips wi mine! trifle & cheetos to follow (surely
>cheetos must be like wotsits, right?)


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