Re:[rumori] Cheatahs? (literature, lifting and the law)

suzi (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 13:59:55 -0400

>kristie, thanx for bringing in the writer's perspective. It's definitely
>good to consider these issues from all angles. Don't be shy just because
>it seems like most of us are audio types. Everyone always has a lot to
>learn from other fields and media....
One major difference between the audio and written word, and one that I think bears relevance on this discussion, is the arena of public domain. Now, I believe (but I could be wrong) that the length of time for creative works to enter public domain is something like 70 years. It could be longer. Here the written word has distinct advantage over audio recordings, because the recorded form of music is so new (relatively speaking) that any Recordings that fall into public domain are virtually unusable because of poor recording quality.
(what I wouldn't give for decent early recordings of the Jazz masters.) Writers definately have greater advantages in incorporating previously written works into their long as it isn't outright plagerism anyway. Sheet music is available to musicians, but when you are talking about sampling previously recorded works, it doesn't help much, because the recording date itself must be 70 years old, regardless of what they are playing.

>->sometimes it is & sometimes it isn't. hence the debate over the italian
>->woman and her novel "lo's story" (i think this is the title) which retells

I believe the Wizard of Oz collection was originally published around the turn of the century, close enough to put it in public domain, and perhaps that's why Wicked could be published, and Lo's Story could not. Just speculating there.

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