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On Fri, 9 Jul 1999, kristie dahlia home wrote:

> i wonder how a fine artist would see all this. it seems that in the visual
> arts, (especially painting) recycling & rehashing ideas is the whole
> process of art in the 20th century. that's how the conversation that is
> called the visual arts takes place. in writing it's intertextuality,
> allusion, citation. and yet in the musical world it's such a $ battle.

funny you should mention this.. (visual artist here...)

seems like much of this thread has been about the copyright laws, when
it seems to me that much of it has to do not so much with the laws
themselves but with who gets to interpret them. my recent experience
and the experience of others on the web who've gotten into a tousle with
corporations are cases in point... so, you might look at the copyright
or trademark law and go, "hey, no problem, falls under fair use alright"
or whatever...
but then the corporate lawyers decide they think what you're doing
is infringement after all, and they're the ones with the staff
of lawyers, money and time to deal with the litigation, and so therefore,
it seems it's suddenly illegal. so, when you refer to a $ battle
i think you hit the nail on the head, and it follows wherever there is
someone with $, not just in music. have you visited
interesting place... i've noticed their bots frequent
of course.... ;-) also, take a notice of how many corporations have gone
after sucks sites "k-mart sucks" etc... and satirical sites, "roadkill R us",
etc... copyright and trademark law seem to me to be clearly written
to protect freedom-of-speech rights to use materials for criticism and
commentary, yet somehow the corps. go after people anyway. and i suspect
it's much the same when it comes to sampling...
then again, i ain't no lawyer, the
material in this post is not intended as legal advice and no claim
is made to its accuracy, the opinions
represented by me here are my own and not my employers',
and the trademarks "kmart" and "R us" are the registered trademarks of
Big Companies. (tm)


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