[rumori] Re: So whatchall think of phat beats?

Mr. Fodder (thebranflakesAThotmail.com)
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 17:02:07 PDT

>From: The Evolution Control Committee <eccATpobox.com>
> One thing that's surprised me a little is just how large of a canyon
>there is between samplists like the ones on Rumori and DJ-oriented
>samplists like Kid Koala and QBert/Invisibl Skratch Picklz and so on. They
>really share a lot between each other, except that the Rumori types
>probably abhor (kinda) the idea of phat beats, and maybe wearing anything
>with the Nike swoosh on it (actually that's kinda passe in the DJ world
>too). But there's a lot of appropriation in the DJ world that relates, like
>re-using familiar corporate logos in one's own graphics and using
>unauthorized samples for your music and DJ mixes. The whole notion of DJ
>culture, where the DJ is at once a musician (a "creator" of music) and a DJ
>(a "broadcaster" of music) blurs the line of intellectual property
>ownership and musical credit quite nicely.
> Comments? Thoughts? Poison trifle bombs?

There is a very thin line. At least there is to me, for I grew up looking
up to late 70's and early 80's scratch dj's.

I started off DJ'in' in 1983 and proceeded to do 'battle' circuits in the
late 1980's along the west coast with 3 of us in our group and we each
manned a table cutting and dicing single bits and hits from vinyl, which
paved the way for my now project The Bran Flakes (which i started in 1991,
after producing hip-hop acts up until that time while doing the dj shows).

There is a BIG difference in a DJ going up and playing/mixing records into
one another (in the club style) and the type of DJ Crew that basically tears
the shit up and uses hundreds of records/sounds in a set. We used to go
down to the local swap meets in the early 80's and pick up mix tapes from
early throwdown dj's and sure the stuff is filled with phat beats, but there
is 100% appropriation. also, it is nice to see that 3 to 4 guys can get up
on stage and make LIVE music on turntables, opposed to sequencing and
storing of sounds already previously picked and ready for showing in live

now there are current folks like the Invisibl Skratch Picklz, the x-men and
others out there who wear nike emblazed upon their chest, but there is
something to say about the skills that they have in appropiating sounds in a
live realm. I personally would not wear nike thrown across my body parts in
letters so big that you could see them from a mile away, but i do dig the
music and while growing up looked up to the skills of the early hip-hop dj
pioneers which got me started and prompted me to buy turntable in the early
80's and get double records of everything i had. even when i play live now
i always bring one turntable and one of my mixers.

just my 2 1/2 cents. i just grew up with cutting records which got me into
the collage i produce today.

if you want to hear more on turntablism (a 90's term), check out the work of
Mixmaster Mike, ISP, The X-Men or do a search on the internet for

oh, there's my doorbell. my partner just returned from raiding and
appropriating all of the Cheetos in the VIP room. dinner is served.

-- rev. otis

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