Re: [rumori] So whatchall think of phat beats? Man I think they're GREAT, you know, Stockhausen and Aphex Twin I like BOTH kinds of music
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 17:27:27 -0700

At 07:53 PM 7/10/99 -0700, you wrote:

>anyway). i somehow very much doubt that the dj boys would go "Yo! check
>out this rumori shit, yo. what up wit dat oswald mofo? detournment shit
>is dope!"

not so fast, 'dude', why don't you buy one or two of these records or read
an interview or two before you start making little jokes about these 'dj
boys'. I'm not saying DJ Spooky's liner notes are typical for the genre
but these days a lot of dj's are increasingly theory conscious.

Anyone who listens to the local mainstream hip hop radio station here in
the Bay Area would understand most of the ideas we've discussing here
pretty readily; 94.9 is doing real time 1 to 3 source fragmentary collage
during drive time for a demographic that includes 14 year old girls.
Everything that comes up on this list, the mainstream has already
assimilated in some form or another.

So there is clearly no dividing line here.

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