[rumori] who wants freedom anyway?

Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:35:57 +0100

>->Does Negativland perform and mix OtE at the KPFA studios? And does anyone
>->know if they have any comments re Pacifica's corporatization and/or the
>->current troubles?
>Yes OTE is done at the studios, live. I guess we'll see tonite if
>it happens or not.

Negativland are doing a few dates in the Seattle area at the moment, so
whoever is doing OTE tonight (if it happens) will not be Don Joyce. Or at
least it won't be "Live" Don (ha!).

>Carl Stone also does a wonderful show on KPFA sunday nights called "Ears
>Wide Open" with lots of music relevant to this list. In general there is
>tons of great programming on the station and this recent trouble is really
>bad news.

DO subscribe to the list I was telling you about, because they are updating
all the time.
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Feels funny to be talking about this from England most people here wouldn't
care, but KPFA is a good station - I enjoy doing OTE when I come over and
have been phoning trans-Atlantically for a couple of years.

America is supposed to represent some kind of freedom, but this further
represents hypocracy and a certain complacency and arrogance. No wonder
the government shut up about the "commies" - people would start drawing
comparisons sooner or later! Find your mirror and smash it down.

Still, could be worse eh - we can comfort ourselves that wars only happen
ELSEWHERE, where the bad people are...


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