[rumori] Press Democrat article

Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:43:35 +0100

Here's your answer. If all the staff are locked out I can't imagine that
they'd make exception to one program. But it looks like they don't have a
front door just now...!


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>This morning's Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA) has a front-page article
>about the KPFA situation. The reporter is Mary Curtius of the Los
>Angeles Times. It is a pretty good article, with quote from Alice
>Walker as she spoke in front KPFA yesterday. It also states that Daniel
>Ellsberg was there.
>Within the article: "'It is a mutiny,' Fabbri said 'We have not locked
>out the staff - we have placed them on indefinite administrative leave
>until this calms down.'"
>Huh? What fresh lie is this? Since the door is locked and the staff do
>not have door codes and cannot get in unless Pacifica's hired guns(aka
>security guards) let them in, they are locked out (so glad I took that
>critical thinking class).
>Near the end is this fascinating bit, with information from the
>endlessly creative Elan Fabbri: "Station critics picketed Pacifica and
>KPFA and held the mass rally outside the buildings Wednesday. Fabbri
>said crowds broke down the station's door, and Pacifica employees fled
>to a location she said she did not feel safe disclosing."
>Does anyone have photos of the broken-down door? Has it been replaced or
>repaired? I've watched television reports and have seen and heard
>nothing about the alledgedly broken-down door. Perhaps the hired guns
>carry spare doors with them in preparation for this sort of emergency...
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