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On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Andrew Lander wrote:

>We know that "serious" composers do this sort of thing all the time. The
>booklet quotes Stravinsky's famous "great composers steal" comment. But to
>quote from a modern pop song can get one sued - something I don't have to
>tell any of you. I wonder if the same would happen if Schnittke had quoted
>Philip Glass. I don't know what the custom is among contemporary "serious"
>composers. (Likewise I wonder if Beethoven would've sued Shostakovich for
>the final movement of his Viola Concerto.)
>Maybe it's a high art thang.

ehhh... nowadays even "serious" composers are on a label or two, and the
label might sue, especially if it's a big company (part of the Big 5).

Probably if Beethoven had had a contract with Island, they would have sued
Shostakovich's ass off.


thanx for the info, Andrew. definitely sounds like a piece to check out.


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