Re: [rumori] YOU are intellectual property!
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:26:53 +0200

I have no time to check those urls now (I am logging via web from my
girlfriend's house... in IRELAND...) ;)))) but nyway I was just wondering.
I consider myself unique so can I patent myself (or can my parents patent
If this is possible I think that everyone should try patenting yourself...
and make a mess out of the laws allowing patents on life forms ;)))))))

btw - I remember reading once a comic that was aimed to teach a sort of
history of science for kids... and it said that in 1980 the first patent on
human cells was approved in America. Someone had patented the cells of a
dead person having some kind of disease... the comic presented a fantastic
hypothesys: what if one day from one of those cells a clone of that guy is
created and once he has grown up he wants to sue the company who "owns" a
patent on HIS own cells?

just my (delirious) 2 cents,
Nicola (Dj Batman) :)
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