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On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, illegal art wrote:

>from The Wire (not to be confused with Wired) June 99
>Matt Wand (of Stock Hausen & Walkman)
>"What I don't like about Negativland is their ridiculously idealistic
>stance. It took years and years for musicians to get copyright on music.
>I mean, it's got completely out of hand, but to dismantle it would be

He's actually completely misinterpreting what Negativland stand for.
Negativland does not advocate complete dismantling of copyright.
Just modification.

I was made aware of this quite unambiguously when i first handed a copy of
my CD to Mark Hosler last october. He saw on the packaging that it said
"anticopyright" and he asked if i was really anticopyright, and proceeded
to explain the difference between that and what negativland stood for,
which is to keep basic copyright, but make it looser to allow artists to
do appropriation-based works freely. I agreed, and when i got home i
changed the packaging of my CD to say "limited copyright" rather than
"anticopyright". In other words, I reserve the right to reproduce and
distribute my works in their entirety, but i don't restrict other artists
from piecemeal appropriation of it.

What else did Mr. Wand have to say? anything about HIS stance? What
happens when SHW get sued?


p.s. it ALSO took years and years for corporations to get the same rights
as people, but that's no reason they should keep them now....

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