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interesting comments about "copyleft" variations. this is from a list
about linux and art.

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> At 10:21 PM 5/10/99 -0700, Kevin Shrieve wrote:
> >Would it be off-topic to ask what thoughts people have on licensing the art
> >they make?
> On the application of copyleft to all works that may be copyrighted, I
>have reduced my thinking to the essentials.
> There are two copyleft distinctions that are important to me. I want a
>copyleft license (or a family of licenses) that lets me specify two
>characteristics: attribution and affiliation.
> Attribution is the requirement that a derived or composite work, based on
>my work, must preserve a proper attribution trail back to me, as the
>original creator of the work.
> Affiliation is the requirement that my work can only affiliate with works
>that are copylefted. Further, it is the requirement that composite and
>derived works must preserve copyleft. I tend to think of this as the
>distinction between the GPL and LGPL. The GPL assures "domain closure",
>in that GPL'd works may only affiliate with copylefted works. The LGPL is
>a "patch" license that permits a work to affiliate with non-copylefted
> Were I to permute the copyleft licenses according to these two copyleft
>distinctions I would get four licenses. Assuming that the GPL and the
>LGPL both embody the requirement for attribution, the four licenses would
> GPL = copyleft + attribution + domain closure
> LGPL = copyleft + attribution - domain closure
> WGPL = copyleft - attribution + domain closure
> WLGPL = copyleft - attribution - domain closure
> Among these licenses I would prefer the WGPL because I value most highly
>the proliferation of copyleft and, in order to further that proliferation,
>seek to grant an additional freedom, namely, the freedom to preserve
>copyleft free of the encumbrance of having to preserve the attribution
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