[rumori] "Music Made Easy"

Jason J. Tar (tarjasonATpilot.msu.edu)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 20:26:08 -0400

So reads the Newsweek article. The Oct. 25th issue features an article
about sampling old songs to create new hits, ala Puff Daddy style. :) New
software, from MusicHall2000, will make everyone a star. (Maybe Mr. Entox
was correct?)
One can use their Virtual Studio, along with free and for-fee samples, to
create their own tracks and then share them with chaps and lasses all over
the net.

Plans include free distribution to colleges, and more importantly to me,
K-12 schools. Now every child can learn about, and participate in,
sampling during their "music" lessons. Goodbye recorder! :)

Not everyone is happy though. A fun quote from the article, that I'm sure
many on these lists will enjoy? "'The 10 brightest people who [sample]
still don't have the level of intelligence I do,' says jazz critic and
purist Stanley Crouch."
Ah... the intelligentsia of society.

CHeers. ME.

Peace Hugs and Unity			Jason J. Tar	
		W.	W.	J.	D?
      	        (What would Jason Do?)	
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