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>i was just glancing at this at the bookstore yesterday so forgive me for
>not even knowing the artist's name...
>but basically in a publication called something like asia/pacific arts...
>they had big glowing mcdonalds arches on the cover. and inside an article
>about the artist who said he wanted to take the symbol out of context etc.
>etc. etc.... BUT with every picture of the exhibit it said that it was
>supported by McDonalds.
>is it just me or does that sort of take away from the impact?

    This is exactly the feeling I had with Negativland's _Dispepsi_
release. It served to take their name/corporate entity out of the normal
contexts (advertising and merchandise) and put it in a different one, but
not one that really seemed to adequately critique, question, and explore
what the symbology meant. Not that everything must be a political statement
or a pot shot at The Man, but Pepsi doesn't need any more PR than it gets
and unless the PR is distinctly scathing, then it's positive.

    Speaking of The Neggies, I finally got to listen to The ABC's of
Anarchism... nice! Probably one of my fave releases for the last while. Too
bad it's only 21:44. Again I have to charge that it suffers a little bit of
the above, but hey, anarchy -needs- that PR.

    Meanwhile I've just heard that Operation Re-Information, my fave
Pittsburgh-based geek rockers, will be touring out west in a few months.
More info as it comes, but they're the developers of the Back To Basics
software that I've found myself using more and more lately. It's just a
simple thing to let you play samples in a live context (one per key) but
it's effective. See for more.

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