Re: [rumori] McDonalds... "Would you like fries to go with that smug, self-defacing corporate front?"

Taylor McLaren (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 00:20:42 -0400

MEEP! Mr. Ecc wrote:
>To me, the attempt to use the cultural device of the
>day is always deflated once it's obvious that it's an advertisement...
Unfortunately (or perhaps not, depending on where one puts oneself on a
demographic continuum), it could just as easily be said that a cultural
device has been deflated once it has become known well enough to be turned
into a way of selling pants. Which, to my way of thinking, suggests that
awareness of manipulation has been largely gutted once again, and that this
ludicrous nostalgia for the '70s that has overtaken North America during
the last five or six years might just mean that we're in for another decade
of empty sex and big hair in the not-too-distant future.
  And since when has McDonald's advertising been even the slightest bit
self-deprecating, anyway?


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