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Electronic Frontier Foundation -- ACTION ALERT

Stop the "Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act"
(Issued: Oct. 25, 1999; cutoff-date, Nov. 10, 1999)

The "Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act," H.R. 3028, is about to be voted
on in the House of Representatives and would be disastrous to the free
speech and privacy rights of domain name holders. EFF urges you to contact
your Representative today and tell him or her to vote no on this bill. (The
bill has already passed the Senate, and is expected to be voted on any day
now in the House.)

With the stated goal of preventing trademark infringement and dilution in
the Internet domain name space, the misguided "Trademark Cyberpiracy
Prevention Act" the would make domain name holders legally liable in civil
actions brought by trademark holders sharing the same name or one that is
"confusingly similar."

More info:


to add a tip:
i noticed in the EFF document, and have heard before, that
emails dont count for as much as a fax, letter, or phone call.
but i dont have a fax machine, there's no send a letter, and i'm too shy
to phone.. no problem! i realized i could use
The Phone Company. no, not AT&T, i'm talking about a network of
fax servers hooked up to the Net, an free email-to-fax service.
 So, for example, I looked up
my congressperson at
found out it was Nancy Pelosi, then looked up her fax number.
then, i sent email, containing a letter to her, according to TPC's
instructions, to this address:


a minute or so later i got back a confirmation email from the TPC server
in Maryland that covers the washington d.c. area. the fax had been sent
successfully. my letter will be waiting for Pelosi's staffers to get from
their fax machine tommorrow morning.

now that's a good use of the internet!

see www.tpc.net for more info about this fax service...


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