[rumori] smash capatalism now!

Matt Biederman (mbiedermanATsfmoma.org)
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 12:13:30 -0800

On November 30th 1999 The Tate prize will be awarded. This 20K prize
(supposedly the most prestigious in Britain) is doomed to ridicule.

        This year the event coincides with N30 the sequel to J18 which
stopped the city back in June. The City of London like other cities in the
globally linked event will be reeling in the wake of another carnivalistic
assault on culture and capitalism. What the organisers don't know is that
one of the nominees Tracey Emin whose jolly pissed slag routine on British
TV last year blew the event away returns with a plan to upstage the event
again. In the unlikely event of her winning despite being the best British
artist since Francis Bacon she'll reveal that her work, Bed : is an act of
protest against the commodification of culture and a copy of a work by
Stewart Home whose exhibition she attended in 1993 following the art strike.

        In celebration of this heroic act of Plagarism the Neoist Alliance
invite you to participate in N30 by simmulating on art strike for a day.
This does not preclude any activities that you might like to engage in on
the day via remote or actual demonstration. Smash capitalism and celebrate
plagarism now.
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