[rumori] pole scam

andrea bardelli danieli (abardellATtinet.ch)
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 22:34:03 +0100

hello all
thought the following story was funny...
snipped from the idm list (typed out by some person who read a press
release from the Fatcat label).

(Pole is an electronica artist)

> *Pole imposter forces withdrawal of Split 12" (Pole v Jim Plotkin)*
> Having mailed out a small quantity of initial promos of the above
> release, Fatcat have been temporarily forced to withdraw the release.
> ...we began to hear rumours ... that Stefan Betke (Pole) was extremely
> unhappy with the release & wanted it pulled. As far as we were
> concerned, we had conducted ourselves perfectly as a label, so were
> bewildered and confusedas to there being any problem. We had originally
> received a DAT under the name Pole... enclosing a new e-mail address for
> him (which turns out to be nonexistent)... After cutting the release, we
> tried to contact Stefan to send him a test pressing, but he wasn't in
> Berlin... we sent test pressings to HardWax... With production deadlines
> encroaching, we decided to press 200 copies which we began to mail
> out...
> Shocked to hear there was a problem, we contacted Stefan... The outcome
> is that neither of the two tracks we had cut were actually recorded by
> him(!!), that in fact he had not sent anything. The conclusion we have
> to draw is that someone has pulled a very costly scam on both Pole and
> FatCat. Having spent over a thousand pounds on the release, this action
> affects us directly as individuals (the cost involved means that we
> won't be getting paid this month). Fortunately we were able to recall
> the bulk of the pressing... the total amount mailed out is just 30 or 40
> copies.

see ya

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