Re: [rumori] ten foot pole scam

Andrew Lander (
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 22:30:27 PST

>From: andrea bardelli danieli <>

> >
> > Shocked to hear there was a problem, we contacted Stefan... The outcome
> > is that neither of the two tracks we had cut were actually recorded by
> > him(!!), that in fact he had not sent anything. The conclusion we have
> > to draw is that someone has pulled a very costly scam on both Pole and
> > FatCat. Having spent over a thousand pounds on the release, this action
> > affects us directly as individuals (the cost involved means that we
> > won't be getting paid this month). Fortunately we were able to recall
> > the bulk of the pressing... the total amount mailed out is just 30 or 40
> > copies.

The birth of another Collector's Item!

I wonder what FatCat's going to do with the recalled records. They should
just relabel them as being by "Not Pole" or something. (Might even be able
to recoup their losses that way.)

Too bad the e-mail was fake; if the impostor's music is good enough someone
could put out a record by them.

Andrew Lander

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