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�utandpaste 'TM' | November 24, 1999
Cannibalizing recombinant culture for your holiday dining pleasure!

Nearly 1,000 (count 'em!) links to news, information and Web resources for
collage, sample-based and recombinant artists of all genres. And Santa
Claus is coming to town, early -- with a search engine, too! Woo-hoo!

* * * * *
* * * * *
(Cut and paste these links, or go di-rectly to http://come.to/cutandpaste
and surf from there. Cheers!)

* * * * *
News You Can Re-Use
* * * * *

Waiting for Moby: Laurie Anderson
After 25 years, Laurie Anderson comes into her own by tackling Melville's
behemoth, Moby-Dick.
L.A. Weekly.

Taboo: Jon Hassell, Hyperreality and the Magic of Tone
Composer/trumpeter Jon Hassell on his new release Fascinoma, studying with
Stockhausen, the relation between collage techniques and Pygmy music, naked
beauty and Burroughs doing Nike ads. L.A. Weekly.

Apocalypse Wow
Artist Winston Smith celebrates the last gasp of the 20th century with his
"I Survived the 20th Century Year 2000" calendar. Metro, Silicon Valley's
Weekly Newspaper.

Wallace Berman Redux
Arrested during his first exhibition in 1957, Wallace Berman took his
collages, poems, and handmade magazines underground. Even so, his influence
prevails. Village Voice
Et 2, Brut�?
Not >gasp< Negativland on mp3.com?! And with The Forbidden Single (Special
Edit), too?!

Beck Still Mining Junk Culture
Twisted collage is the thing -- sampled sounds, taped voices and implicit
irony. The Boston Globe.
ng_junk_culture +.shtml>
Back to the Copier
Susan Zimmerman and 14 other Xer--, er, photocopy artists will contribute
to a how-to book about materials and techniques. The Boston Globe.

Playground Playgiarism?
Butthole Surfers recognize Marcy Playground album art by
Mark Ryden, originally intended for their own CD. SonicNet Music News.

One Man's Trash, Another's Treasure
"Re-cycled, Re-Seen: Folk Art From the Global Scrap Heap," a charming show
of 700 objects made by untrained artisans, who appropriate global detritus
and transform it into objects of beauty and interest. L.A. Times.
Judge Pooh-Poohs Fair Use Argument
In a ruling that could shape how copyright laws are applied on the Net, a
federal judge rejected an argument by a conservative Web site that posting
articles copied without permission from major newspapers is legally
protected as fair use. L.A. Times.

Situationist '99
Craig Baldwin's eagerly anticipated Spectres of the Spectrum, composed
mostly of ingeniously collaged archival footage, opens the Film Arts
Festival. San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Meet the Beatles' Lawyers
Steve Dirkx's 'Beatles in a Blender project' is pretty much just what the
name implies, or as close as the law and modern technology allow. Dirkx's
collage homage has made it into semi-regular rotation on New York's
WFMU-FM. The Dallas Observer.

A Blast From the Oh-So-Soon-Forgotten Past
One of the art world's most lauded word artists, Jenny Holzer, says U2
ripped her off. U2's video director denies theft: "It's part of an artist's
influence on pop culture." Entertainment Weekly, May 8, 1992.
ame1=Jenny Holzer&lastresult=0&query=Jenny Holzer <IN> MAJOR <OR> Jenny

* * * * *
New and Notable
* * * * *

"The Butcher's Covers, " Steve Dirkx (CD)
Dirkx gently (while his sampler gently weeps) takes "the Sacred Recordings
of the Cherished Tunesmiths" and riffs them a new anthology.

"Pure Drivel," Steve Martin (paperback)
Nine ninety-five for Pure Drivel? Call me Ishmael. That's right, Ishmael
"Good Times," The Tape-beatles (CD)
Speak of the devil, why, it's the *Pre*-Fab Four of found sound, The
Tape-beatles. See what real listeners are saying in their sleep about their
new release "Good Times" and its clue-filled cover.
BOMB, Fall 1999, No. 69: A whale of an interview with Laurie Anderson, who
chats with Herman Melville from beyond-the-grave; Raymond Pettibon on
plundering literature for art's sake, and lots of new lit in first proof.

* * * * *
New Events
* * * * *
Exhibits: Book As Art XI, Raymond Pettibon, Cindy Sherman and Barbara
Kruger retrospectives; Part II (1950-2000) of The American Century, museum
and online exhibit featuring collage and appropriative artists including
Cindy Sherman, Alex Katz, Louise Bourgeois, Chuck Close, Jean-Michael
Basquiat, Eva Hesse, Jeff Koons, Julian Schnabel, and Jasper Johns.
Last call: Bakers' Dozen Collage Swap mail-art project.


NOT A DISCLAIMER: As Barbara Kruger once proclaimed in neon, I am not
trying to sell you anything.

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