Re: [rumori] heartwarming seattle news

andrea bardelli danieli (
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 21:38:32 +0100

hello all

Bob wrote:
> It's been a while since I read something in the press as heart-warming as
> this...maybe there is a Santa after all...
> Windows were shattered everywhere from NikeTown to Santa's Village outside
> of Nordstrom. A Starbucks coffee shop was broken into and looted.

man, i must go get my tv at the flat i used to live in. riots via radio
aren't exactly an exciting thing...
i am happy the noise is stronger on the opponents' field, though i know
much of the phenomenon is also aided by media hype (more interesting to
talk about riots than boring old shits deciding undemocratically about
our future...).
tomorrow i'll go back to the tv news service i work for, so i will
understand what is happening :-)

the revolution will be remixed

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