Re: [rumori] ac/dc vs. the beastie boys

Vicki Bennett (
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 11:25:55 +0100

>nowadays, "breakbeat" is a term also to describe a style of rave music, but
>original "breakbeat" records would have a 2 - 8 bar loop of a sample
>repeating for anywhere from 2-3 minutes. this way the dj could mix in the
>beat and have it playing in the background while mixing other records or
>having somebody flow over the beat.

We could release some popular plunderphonic loop LPs to make techno DJs
sound intelligent. Oops, sorry, did I just say that? Having said that,
many plunderfile tracks are little more than the above description anyway,
and to great effect sometimes. Was through hip hop that my awareness (ie:
release something and THEY will find you and EXTERMINATE) of sample fear
first arose. Glad I found out otherwise. Sort of. Well actually...
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