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bounced to me. and might i add, lloyd's last point is one i
whole-heartedly agree with.


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Subject: Re: [rumori] ac/dc vs. the beastie boys

>wait, scratch the world principle and replace with STUPIDITY.

This seems to imply that they're stupid because they don't agree with you.
I hope that's not what you meant. If their refusal is principled (it seems
like it might be), then that should be respected.

I do like the line about not endorsing the playing of guitars.

>we should try to gather our resources and make a website wholly dedicated
>to sampling nothing but ac/dc. just have tons of audio pieces built solely
>upon ac/dc tracks. can someone get a copy of the beasties tune?

I really don't meant this as a put-down, but I think in the 'no-copyright'
pseudo-genre we might make a stronger statement if it avoided the
reactionary impulse. Making and promoting new work instead of repeating the
same tired angry gestures will take you much farther. Guide by example, as
it were. In my opinion.

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