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I remember reading a quote somewhere where an interviewer had asked Don
McLean what "American Pie" meant to him.
"It means i never have to work again", he replied. Evidently he feels he is
the only one allowed to have his finger in that particular pie.

pete um
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> argh!!!
> McLean, you greedy fuck! it's 28 years later!!
> (thanx again to Jon Nelson for bringing this up)
> --
> The '70s anthem"American Pie" has a special place in the history of
> music. But does that mean Don McLean, who released the song in 1971,
> get every piece? A graphic designer is suing him over what she says is her
> fair share.
> Desirae Pierce runs American Pie Design, a graphics-design company in
> Texas, and holds the domain name to the url So she
> less than thrilled when McLean and his legal team told her that she had to
> stop using the term.
> "He doesn't have a right to that," Pierce tells the Austin
> American-Statesman. "'American pie' is part of the vernacular." She is
> seeking unspecified damages, as well as her attorney fees, and the right
> continue using the domain name.
> Pierce filed the lawsuit in federal court last week, claiming that McLean
> violating her right to free speech. "Don McLean's actions are not only
> malicious, but
> he's interfering with my business," says Pierce. "My studio relies on name
> recognition and my online portfolio to get new clients, and my domain name
> a key part of my business."
> McLean is one of 14 people who have a trademark on American Pie." The
> musician's version is for "entertainment services in the nature of musical
> group performances of musical concerts."
> "The use of the term 'American Pie' for graphic design services is
> to the trademark for musical group performances,' Pierce's lawyer Paul
> Danziger tells the Associated Press.
> Pierce says she's spent thousands of dollars in damage control since
> McLean's attorney's told her to stop using the term. "This isn't right,"
> says. "'American
> Pie' is a depressing song written in 1971."
> For his part, McLean has recently licensed out the "American Pie" term to
> entertainment entities. The film of the same name that was released over
> summer, and also to Weird Al Yankovic, who used the tune in his Star Wars:
> The Phantom Menace parody, "The Saga Begins." He said in a recent press
> release that he claims sole credit for the term, dismissing rumors that
> "American Pie" was the name of the plane that crashed in 1958, killing
> Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the
> Big Bopper. "I created the term. It did not exist in any way before my
> recording and to spread this rumor diminishes my contribution," he says.
> --
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