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shannon o'neill (aliasATcia.com.au)
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 22:21:03 +1100

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 20:07:01 +1100
From: Southern Outpost <patrickATnitro.com.au>
Subject: UR Vs SONY

I know some of you my or may not have read about Sony Germany bootlegging an
Underground Resistance track called 'Knights Of The Jaguar'. Please help
support UR in their fight for justice!

If you run an independent label, buy and support independent labels
(whatever style), let this be a warning to you.

Following is an explanation of what happened by Cornelius Harris (Member of
...Recently, UR (Underground Resistance) has enjoyed the success of the track,
"Knights of the Jaguar" by DJ Rolando. Recognizing that UR (Mad Mike, in
particular) would be unwilling to license the track, Sony bypassed even
making a request and has decided to release a "cover" version titled
"Jaguar." Unconfirmed reports even indicate that promotional information on
the records imply that it is a UR release. Cover versions traditionally
have been done by fans of the original track as an homage to the original.
In this case, it is being done as a method of undercutting the sales of the

While this is an unethical and unprincipled act in and of itself, it is also
a very dangerous act. In doing this, a major label, Sony, has determined
that it has the right to stomp all over an independent label in its pursuit
of profits. With this as a precedent, the question that should concern any
and everybody in the music community is who will be next? It is imperative
that Sony be held accountable for its actions. We are currently looking
into whatever legal options we have as well as any other means to put an end
to this. We urge all concerned individuals to flood Sony's offices
worldwide with calls, emails, and faxes expressing those concerns. This
kind of crap has to stop and it has to stop now.

Anyone with any ideas, comments, addresses, or suggestions, please let me
know. Some basic info follows. Any media folks, contact me privately. If
anything could get Mad Mike out in the open, well...contact me.

Cornelius Harris
Underground Resistance

Now, read the following email sent to UR from Dirk Dreyer, A&R Manager AT
Sony Germany, justifing his actions...

Please forward this message to DJ Rolando and Mad Mike

Hello Rolando & Mike,

sorry for not contacting you on this way earlier but I did not realise the
relationship between Submerge and UR. I have found this adress on the
Submerge webside. My only contact to you so far is __________ but I prefer
the direct contact.

As you sure know, our promo release of the cover version of your track from
the 'Knights Of The Underground' EP is currently talk of the techno
community. Let me explain the history of the idea and our point of view.

I bought the 12" six months ago and enjoyed hearing the Jaguar whole summer.
The feedback to the track is amazing, I have never seen people - no matter
if house,techno and even trance fans - enjoying one tune like this one. It
seems to be the first genre - crossover track for years since the split of
'techno house'from the early 90's to different styles and fanbases. In my
way of 'industry thinking' it is a track worth to be available for lot of
people, much more than just people going to yinyl shops.

The philosophy of Underground Resistance not to cooperate with the industry
is well known Your title names like 'message to the majors' and the liner
notes on your records are not misunderstandable. I understand that you don't
want to have any relationship with companies like Sony. Nevertheless we have
tried to license the track for a compilation via our vinyl partner
Discomania but we did not get a response.

As we don't want to be seen as guys who rip off or bootleg a well known
track, we have chosen the way of rerecording the track tone by tone. Indeed
the new version has lost some of the typical Detroit flavour, what makes me
still prefer the original. On the CD will be the original writer and
publishing credits that you get the publishing money that you deserve.

I know that you, Rolando, have met our promoter _________ aka ___________
when you played at Stammheim / Kassel. Please let me know your thoughts
about the story. All I get so far is rumours.

Kind regards

Dirk Dreyer
A&R Manager Sony

Have a listen for yourselves, the orginal track by DJ Rolando (UR) is at:
and the Sony Bootleg is at:

Obviously Sony think that they can take anyones music, without permission,
and re-release it without credit. I for one, don't want this to happen with
music that I release on my label, and i'm sure most other producers
wouldn't want a major helping themselves to your music.

If you would like to support UR and in general, independent labels, please
take the time to email/phone Sony Germany & Australia and let them know
what you think. The contact details are below.

Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH
New Media/Business Affairs
Att: Dirk Dreyer
Stephanstr. 15
60313 Frankfurt
Telefon: (069) 13888-0

Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Limited
Att: John Ferris
11 Hargrave St,
East Sydney NSW
Ph: (02) 9383-6200

Thanks for your time.

Patrick HAF.

Southern Outpost


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