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Jason J. Tar (
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 18:19:23 -0500

At 08:13 AM 12/17/99 -0800, you wrote:

Point 1:
>Plus there is the concept of "moral rights", which theoretically allow an
>artist to have control over what gets done to his work. yeah, sony might
>be willing to pay the 2% publishing royalty or whatever, sure, but UR is a
>very political anti-majorlabel band. And if they want to, they have a
>right, under moral rights, to "just say no". Just like the AC/DC -
>Beastie Boys thing.

Point 2:
>Don't you remember the big flap about Prince and "1999"? He told the
>Harry Fox agency not to give any permissions to cover that song, that all
>requests would hvae to go directly to him. Then of course he proceeded to
>refuse every single request to cover the song. ( Which is one reason why
>Evolution Controlled Creations is going to very soon be releasing a
>compilation of fine sampleriffic pieces based on "1999". right, Mark??)

And you question why I wonder about this "double standard"? Hmmm....
The argument that respecting a underground artists rights, while
disregarding those of the major label artist, just seems kind of silly. I
just don't understand how anyone on rumori can defend UR without feeling a
bit hypocritical. Umm, yeah.


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