Re: [rumori] Fwd: UR Vs SONY

matt davignon (
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 19:12:27 PST

>Isn't it quite possible that the folks who did the "cover" version did it
>out of respect, not simply out of a wish for cash? From the tone of the
>letter from Sony, it sounds very much like a tribute.

You or I or Dirk Dreyer can do a cover song as a tribute any day of the
week. Just because he wanted to record a tribute doesn't mean that he had to
release it on SONY RECORDS. Most of the appropriation artists that I know of
from this list don't have records on the shelves of every Wherehouse and Sam
Goody in town. To me there's a big difference between ripping someone off
then selling it personally over the internet and ripping someone off, having
it mass produced by a multinational conglomerate, and drowning out the sales
of the original. (Although I would imagine that it was only released in

It didn't even seem like it was him that recorded the cover. I was under the
impression that he paid someone to cover it.

In fairness, I'm kind of impressed that he wrote a letter of apology and
sent it to everyone who e-mailed him. I think if we're going to scold
someone when they do the wrong thing, we should thank him when we think he
has done the right thing. Maybe a positive note or two within the continuing
surge of hate mail will help him realize that we (or 'the underground' as he
puts it) are real people simply defending our rights, not just a bunch of
jerks who hate corporations just to hate 'em.

matt davignon
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