Re: [rumori] Fwd: UR Vs SONY

Anki Toner (
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 21:00:42 +0000

Steev Hise escribió:
> Sat, 18 Dec 1999 found Anki Toner writing:
> ->The problem with Sony seems to be that they are making a lot of money.
> ->That's what they are meant to do. That's why they exist in the first
> ->place. So the real issue is their existence, which of course leads us to
> ->discuss the capitalist system, &c. There, you can count me in.
> you mean count you in on the discussion, or in on capitalism?

I meant not only in the discussion but in the eventual revolution. It's
just that it sounded a little too much like John Lennon, so I shied back
and didn't finish the sentence. Sorry.

> Yeah, you're right, I'm uncomfortable about money, for the simple reason
> that art and commerce don't mix. everywhere i look commerce is fucking
> over art. so yeah, that makes me uncomfortable.
> ->I try not to let money
> ->issues influence the way I think (which is not the same thing than not
> ->thinking about how money influences us and the way we think).
> this is an interesting piece of potential doublespeak. care to explain?
> perhaps it's just a typo...

Again, I was trying to suggest more than actually constructing a
sentence. (A bad habit, I must admit, but it seems it kinda worked this
time). The thing is that I try not to allow commerce to influence on art
(where I can, in my own work). Not a typo, anyway.

On the other hand we are all using our experience of commerce fucking
over art as a starting point to create something else. That is one
important part of many appropiative works, isn't it?

Anki Toner

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