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Jason J. Tar (
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 16:44:51 -0500

At 08:51 PM 12/20/99 PST, you wrote:
>If Will Smith did a cover of the song without
>permission, causing UR to seem a lot less "underground", and thus causing
>them to lose a lot of their fans, would it be wrong then?

If UR's fans are such simply because they are "underground", then that is a
weak reason to like someone's output.... I can't imagine disliking a song
simply because another did a cheesy cover of it. (I mean, would Otomo
Yoshihide's <my favorite artist, insert a different name there if you like>
work were to be released on Sony, or covered by Will Smith, would it be any
less enjoyable and exciting?)
I just don't see the argument.
and regarding...:
>Is it because the "cover" has the marketing power behind it to
>completely overshadow the original? That's a big part of it for me,
>imagining that someone would find 'cover' version first, then wonder why
>these underground 'UR' guys are ripping off the sony track.

Well, if the cover is cheesy techno versus the quality of the original (an
idea you presented), then why would people have a problem with it? They'd
think that UR made the track better, in your scenario. And if they did
look down on UR for said reasons, well so be it. They probably wouldn't
have heard of UR otherwise, so why worry about it? Finally, I doubt the
liner notes would have left any doubt over who made the track first.

I dunno. Guess I'm not looking at the "bigger picture" (that of society's
downfall due to the evils of corporations....a notion which I'm not fully
comfortable with, but can see some merit in). But I think some of these
reasons to be against Sony on this particular issue are kinda weak and
unmerited. Especially given the nature of this list (as I understood it).

Oh-well. Perhaps we shall just agree to disagree (until the topic comes up
again at least...who is next to be "covered"?)

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