[rumori] new years stuff

Bob Boster (bosterATpobox.com)
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 09:21:51 -0800 (PST)

First off, greetings and salutations from frosty Detroit. Hope everyone
has a pleasant "non-event" tonight.

Just wanted to ask if people have the ability and the blank tape, could you
please consider throwing a tape in your VCR and tape a few hours of
coverage of New Year's Eve? I'm thinking it might make an interesting
piece. If people can send me the tapes, perhaps I can cut something
together. It doesn't matter if it's straight through (I know for me, I've
had to stop taping to switch channels), or even that it's "coverage" (if
someone sends me 4 hours of QVC during the rollover, I'll be happy to use
that as well). Of course, feel free to just set something up to tape on
timer if you're going out...

Obviously, I'll cover the cost of a tape and postage, and, if it turns into
anything of substance, be sure to credit you.

Thanks for thinking about it whatever the case.



Bob Boster (and Adrienne Waterman)
810 Forest Ave.
Plymouth, MI 48170


home: 734-737-9697
cell: 248-417-9757

Bob at ENCO
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work: 249-476-5711
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