Re: [rumori] PLU and Wet Gate Play Chicago this Saturday

King Wilson (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 20:23:06 -0600

>Hello People,
>This Saturday, January 22, People Like Us and Wet Gate will be performing live
>sets at Subterranean (2011 W North Ave) in Chicago. We're going to
>have a full on
>cinemascope screen setup for this one, so expect some fantastic 16 mm film
>projector improvisation as well as the expected sound collage hysterics.
>Afterwards, the Audiodrone DJs (whom also played at the recent v/vm Chicago
>show) will wrap up the evening with a few hours of noisy dance material.
>Doors open at 9 pm, cover is $10. 21 and over, unfortunately.
>Brought to you by the Chicago Underground Film Fest and /bin.

    If anyone from the list goes to this show, come up and introduce
yourself to me, cause I'll be there. I've been really curious lately
to meet other like-minded people from this list....

   I'm about 6'3 with about 2.5 feet of hair, and I answer to Mike........

                                                                read icculus
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