[rumori] Times Copyright Infringement Roman

Andrew Lander (andrewlanderAThotmail.com)
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:39:21 PST

>From: dserklandATnish.org

>You cannot copyright a typeface. Period.

Not only are typefaces not copyrightable, but their own Times New Roman is
derived from the typeface Times Roman, which as most of us probably can
guess was invented before computers and is public domain.

However software can be copyrighted, and this font is derived from their
software. I'm doubt the fact that it's been rearranged exempts it, or that
it's been rearranged enough. And I made it's derivative nature pretty clear
in the font's text file. It's a backhanded tribute to Times New Roman,
which was once was my preferred font.

At this point I am considering two possibilities. One is offering to give
them the font for their own archives, providing I get secondary
co-authorship credit. I probably won't ask for money.

The second is remaking the font by hand. This will be easy, now that I
finally have a scanner. And it might even look better as a less exact,
computerized font.

But if they think I can contact everyone who's downloaded the font and tell
them to delete it... No, they don't think that. It's a scare tactic. But I
don't have a job, or even a car (My prime occupation is poet for God's
sake!), so they can't get blood from a turnip. (I hope that cliché isn't

Well, I guess I'm officially part of the club now, eh?

Andrew "this morning I'm a criminal" Lander
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